10 Classic Toys That Could Kill You

Lawn Darts
Even though lawn darts with steel tips have been banned in the U.S. since the 1980s, there is an underground movement of lawn dart enthusiasts who meet for tournaments. TheDamnMushroom/Flickr

Once upon a time, lawn darts was a game in which players threw steel-tipped foot-long darts at plastic circles up to 35 feet (11 meters) away. Although the backyard game's cheerful packaging showed the whole family merrily playing, it would have been more accurate to show little Jimmie with a bandage wrapped around his head. Turns out, the force of a thrown lawn dart was an estimated 23,000 pounds of pressure per inch, more than enough to pierce a skull [source: CBC Radio].

In the 1970s, lawn darts were supposed to be marketed to adults only, but few stores complied. After hundreds of reports of injuries -- and three deaths -- the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a U.S. federal agency, banned sales of lawn darts in 1988 [source: CPSC]. The lawn darts you can buy in stores today don't have steel tips, but feature the presumably safer rounded plastic ends with weights [source: Popular Mechanics].