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Great Basketball Coaches have been few and far between. The coaching greats like Wooden, Riley and Dean Smith were all able to guide their players and bring out the best in each of them each night.

James Naismith

James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891 and was also a coach. He introduced basketball at Kansas and coached the varsity team but he offered little to coaching theory. Read more about James Naismith and the origin of basketball.

Pat Riley

With seven NBA championship rings, Pat Riley is perhaps the greatest coach in NBA history. Read about Pat Riley and his career as a coach and a guard. See more »

Adolph Rupp

When Adolph Rupp left the Univ. of Kentucky, he had won more games than any other coach in history. Read about Adolph Rupp and his career highlights. See more »

James Naismith

James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891 and he was also a coach. Read more about James Naismith and the development of basketball. See more »

Bob Knight

Bob Knight is the youngest college coach ever to win 300 games. Read more about bombastic Bobby Knight and his many victories. See more »

Lenny Wilkens is known as both an amazing basketball guard and as a coach who won more than 1,000 games. Learn more about Lenny Wilkens' NBA career. See more »

John Havlicek

John Havlicek played 16 seasons with the Boston Celtics, scored 26,395 points, and made first-team All-NBA four times. Learn about this NBA All-Star. See more »

John Wooden

John Wooden was inducted into the Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach who won 10 NCAA championships. Learn more about John Wooden's career. See more »

Red Grange

Red Grange was one of the superstar athletes who propelled football into mass-popularity. Read about his career during the Golden Age of Sports. See more »

Red Auerbach

Red Auerbach led the Boston Celtics for 16 seasons and presided over nine championship games. Read about Auerbach's amazing career. See more »

Dean Smith

Dean Smith won 879 games as basketball coach at the University of North Carolina. Learn more about Hall of Fame coach Dean Smith. See more »