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Vincent van Gogh Paintings from Saint-Remy

In May of 1889, Vincent van Gogh entered the asylum in Saint-Remy. Learn about the paintings Vincent van Gogh made during his time in the hospital.

Vincent van Gogh Paintings from the Yellow House

In 1888 Vincent van Gogh moved to the Yellow House in Arles, in the south of France. Learn about Vincent van Gogh's paintings from the Yellow House.

Claude Monet Paintings 1879-1886

The Claude Monet paintings of 1879-1886 depict the artist as the epic poet of nature. See Claude Monet's famous Impressionist paintings.

Sistine Chapel Art Hides Secret Female Anatomy Symbols, Claims New Analysis

Did Michelangelo hide symbols for human genitals in the Sistine Chapel artwork? Learn more about a new study in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

Early Paintings by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh's early paintings explore color, intense discipline, and sincere reflections of nature. View and learn about them in this article.

Claude Monet Giverny Paintings

Claude Monet was passionate about painting and gardening. Learn about the lush flower and water gardens Monet created and painted at his Giverny estate.

Claude Monet Paintings 1889-1894

Claude Monet's paintings from 1889 to 1894 display an attention to the landscape. See the Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, 1889-1894.

Claude Monet Paintings 1914-1926

Claude Monet's paintings from 1914 to 1926 submerged the viewer into paintings of a larger size. See Monet's final Impressionist paintings.

6 Famous Paintings That Hold Hidden Messages

Painters love to include hidden symbols and meanings inside works. Here are six famous pieces with hidden messages you may have missed.

7 Unsolved Mysteries of the Art World

Whether it's finding out the identity of the painter Banksy or wondering who is the real "Girl with a Pearl Earring," there's no shortage of mysteries and intrigue within the world of art.

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