How Khet Works

Khet Strategy and Tips

The Eye of Horus expansion divides lasers into two beams.
The Eye of Horus expansion divides lasers into two beams.

If you'd like to play Khet at your desk, while you wait in line or as you spend a few peaceful moments on the patio, try your hand at a mobile version. In January 2012, Schogini Systems, a Los Angeles-based company, released Khet 2.0 for iPhone and iPad. The apps offer one-player, pass and play, and online playing modes.

Regardless of whether you prefer an app or an actual game board, strategy is key. For effective results, begin the game by focusing on offensive moves. For example, place one of your scarabs directly in front of your opponent's pharaoh: It will be in prime position to bounce a deathly laser in the pharaoh's direction. Plus, your scarab offers an added bonus: Because of its dual-mirrored sides, it will simply deflect lasers instead of being destroyed by them.

Keep in mind that you'll also want to make use of reflective surfaces offered by your opponent's pieces. To be successful at Khet, you'll need to bounce lasers off your adversary's pieces as well as your own [source: Millen].

After the first five or six moves, try employing a mid-game strategy that adds a few defensive tactics. For example, protect your pharaoh by surrounding it on all sides with Anubis, pyramids or scarabs. It will be nearly impossible for an opponent's laser to reach it.

Be sure to watch the position of your pyramids, though. You don't want to leave their non-mirrored sides open to attack, and you don't want to inadvertently remove your own pieces with the push of a laser button. If you position a pyramid with its non-reflective side against an opponent's Anubis, it will be safe -- even in enemy territory. The Anubis pieces can't fire, so your pyramid won't get hit from behind.

Your end-game strategy should involve keeping an eye on stealthily placed opponents. At this stage in the game, it's remarkably easy for an opponent to blow away your pharaoh if you don't watch what he's doing.