Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

Dog Bite Yo-Yo Trick
Swing the yo-yo between your legs, below the knee.
Swing the yo-yo between your legs, below the knee.

The key to performing the Dog Bite Yo-Yo Trick is to not announce it in advance. Pretend that the "bite" occurs without your realizing it.

How to Do the Dog Bite Yo-Yo Trick:

Step 1: Begin by throwing a fast Sleeper.

Step 2: Standing with your feet approximately two feet apart, swing the yo-yo between your legs and below the knee.

Jerk the string so that the yo-yo 'bites' your leg.

Step 3: Jerk the string and time the return so that the yo-yo brushes against the underside of your pant leg as it returns. The yo-yo should grab the fabric of your pants and "bite" your leg.

When your yo-yo bites, look puzzled as if your yo-yo has "disappeared." Slowly turn around as if you are looking for it. Your audience will laugh when they see the yo-yo behind you, stuck on the back of your pant leg.

The Jump the Dog Through the Hoop Yo-Yo Trick is a great follow-up to the Dog Bite. Go to the next page to learn how to perform it.

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