Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

Sleeping Beauty Yo-Yo Trick
Throw the yo-yo at an angle to make it spin on its side.
Throw the yo-yo at an angle to make it spin on its side.

Technically speaking, the Sleeping Beauty Yo-Yo Trick is not a trick. It is more of a maneuver designed to tighten or loosen the string. It is also known as the Flying Saucer. When this trick is performed properly, it resembles an outer space craft.

How to Do the Sleeping Beauty Yo-Yo Trick:

Step 1: If you are right-handed, the tightening move is the easier of the two. Hold the yo-yo horizontally in your hand and throw it out to the side. To do this you'll need to throw it slightly on an angle. The yo-yo will then spin on its side with the string loosely revolving around it in the air.

Grab the string five or six inches above the yo-yo.

Step 2: While the yo-yo is spinning on its side, reach out and grab the yo-yo string with your left hand about five or six inches above the yo-yo.

Pull up on the string while the yo-yo spins.

Step 3: Pull it up and out from your right side to your left, so the yo-yo looks like a flying saucer. Hold the yo-yo slightly above the height of your right hand. Let it spin on its side for a few seconds.

Pull up on the string to catch the yo-yo in your hand.

Step 4: As the yo-yo slows down, give it a little jerk, upward with your left hand and sideways with your right hand, and let the string wind up. The yo-yo will return to your hand.

The Loop the Loop takes a lot of practice, but it is the foundation for many intermediate and advanced yo-yo tricks. Learn the Loop the Loop Yo-Yo Trick on the next page.

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