How 'Fight Quest' Works

By: Charles W. Bryant

Fighting Styles

It turns out there are at least 10 good ways to take someone down. These are the martial arts explored on "Fight Quest."

  • Sanda - This full-contact martial art was originally developed by the Chinese military. Striking, kicking, sweeps, takedowns and throws are all employed in sanda.
  • Kali - A weapons-based art, kali uses knives, swords and escrima fighting sticks as striking instruments. Escrima sticks are made of lightweight rattan and used to inflict maximum damage on your opponent.
  • Kyokushin karate - Another full-contact martial art, a common technique in Kyokushin is to take the opponent off his or her feet. Kyokushin involves kumites, fights against multiple opponents, to build endurance.
  • Boxing - Opponents face each other in an enclosed ring for a determined number of rounds. Punching with heavy, padded gloves is the only method of attack. The final decision is determined by a knock-out or can be made by judges that score the fight.
  • Pencak Silat - An Indonesian art that originally used striking weapons. Now, in addition to weapons, fighters use a variety of kicks and punches.
  • Savate - Also known as French kickboxing, this art uses hand strikes and a host of kicks to subdue an opponent.
  • Hapkido - Merging techniques from karate, judo and aikido, hapkido is best known for impressive body throws and painful wrist locks used to disable attackers.
  • Jiujitsu - Perhaps the most versatile martial art, jiujitsu uses many different strikes, kicks, throws, choke holds and locks. Almost every martial art has had an influence on this fighting style.
  • Krav maga - The Israeli army invented this fighting style as a practical technique for use in a variety of street style situations. Jiujitsu, traditional boxing and judo all lend some techniques to krav maga. Weapons such as knives and sticks are also used.
  • Kajukenbo - Another hybrid art, kajukenbo is an exciting technique that uses take downs, throws and hard striking. Limb breaking is a common method of this brutal fighting style.



In the next section, we'll look at the cultural experience Smith and Anderson enjoyed -- from Buddhist temples to the Israeli army.