How Fantasy Football Works

By: Matt Hunt

Managing the Team’s SBX Full Fantasy Football game.
Photo courtesy Sandbox

After drafting his team, the owner must select which players to start on a weekly basis and must submit this lineup before the weekly deadline. Some full fantasy games have players win by having the team with the most wins or the largest point total, while others have playoffs to crown the league champion.

Here are a few popular full fantasy football sites:


  • Sandbox Full Contact Full Fantasy Football For a monthly fee of $4.95, players on this site have a 20-man roster (11 active players per game -- one QB, one RB, one TE, one WR, three offensive flex, one K, three defensive flex). There are eight to 14 teams per league, and players can choose from public or private, keeper or non-keeper, head-to-head, point total, playoff and non-playoff leagues.
  • Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football This site is free. Players have a 15-man roster (nine active players per game - one QB, three WRs, two RBs, one TE, one K, one team defense). There are 10 teams per league and players can choose from public or private, head-to-head or points leagues. There is a playoff at the end of each season.

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