20 Memorable Character Names from the Works of Charles Dickens


Paul Sweedlepipe, "The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit"

Paul (Poll) Sweedlepipe is an eccentric barber and landlord. The quirkiest of his traits is his obsessive love of birds. Rabbits, too. One of the book's passages describes his home:

"With the exception of the staircase, and his lodger's private apartment, Poll Sweedlepipe's house was one great bird's nest. Gamecocks resided in the kitchen; pheasants wasted the brightness of their golden plumage on the garret; bantams roosted in the cellar; owls had possession of the bedroom; and specimens of all the smaller fry of birds chirrupped and twittered in the shop. The staircase was sacred to rabbits. There in hutches of all shapes and kinds, made from old packing-cases, boxes, drawers, and tea-chests, they increased in a prodigious degree, and contributed their share towards that complicated whiff which, quite impartially, and without distinction of persons, saluted every nose that was put into Sweedlepipe's easy shaving-shop."