20 Memorable Character Names from the Works of Charles Dickens


Harold Skimpole, "Bleak House"

Harold Skimpole fancies himself a naïve man with childlike innocence, sweetness and charm. He's perpetually in awe of the beauty in nature and art and professes to have few worldly needs beyond the desire to live his simple, carefree existence. His naiveté is such that he can't seem to comprehend the society's mores. Time, for one, has little meaning to Skimpole. Money is simply an illusory notion of others' creations.

But his happy-go-lucky approach to life has not-so-happy consequences for those around him. His dismissal of time means keeping others waiting. His lack of fiscal responsibility ends up placing his financial burdens on others.

In time, readers of "Bleak House" come to view Skimpole not as an innocent victim of his youthful views but as an entitled and manipulative user of other characters to support his cushy life, earned not from honest work, but from parasitic maneuvering.