Who Killed Batman?

Shooting Under Water

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For a sequence where Robin appears to be chained to a wooden chair and thrown into a pool, the filmmakers created a submersible casing so they could shoot the scene underwater. In what may be described as a moment of great courage or great insanity, they bolted two huge garbage cans together, added Plexiglas windows and included 350 pounds of ballast to keep the submersible on the pool's floor.

Fiorella recalls the ordeal with a laugh:

"The first design I came up with couldn't handle the water pressure. I had no idea that three and a half feet below the water, the pressure was so insane. We just kind of winged it with the garbage cans. And that turned out pretty good. Gabe was in that thing, which was really scary because the water pressure was trying to crush the barrels. It was so strong. And we had sprung a couple of leaks. And not only was Gabe in there, and the thing was pinching down on Gabe, but the camera's in there -- everything's in the can. So it was a pretty hair-raising experience. And I enjoyed it because it was a lot of fun jumping in with the chains."