Creature Effects Makeup: An Interview with Matt Rose and Chad Waters

From left to right -- Matt Rose, Frank Rydberg and Chad Waters on the set of "When Zombies Attack!!"  See more creature effects pictures.
Photo courtesy Grimm Grotto Goods

With a lot of foam latex and even more imagination, two of Hollywood's best creature and makeup effects artists have been giving life to a variety of beasts, monsters, creatures and characters conceived by dozens of movie directors and screen writers. Matt Rose and Chad Waters have spent decades in the special effects makeup trade, working on movies like "Hellboy", "The Nutty Professor" and "Batman Returns." Today, Matt and Chad continue to work as a team at their company, Grimm Grotto Goods , on various projects -- including their movie, "When Zombies Attack!!"

Recently, we had a chance to talk to Matt and Chad about their experiences with creature creation and their take on the evolution of special effects makeup. Let's see what they had to say.