Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks for Kids

Through the Tunnel Yo-Yo Trick
Swing your yo-yo backward.
Swing your yo-yo backward.

The Through the Tunnel Yo-Yo Trick lets you send your yo-yo through the tunnel instead of "walking your dog." Be careful! This is a tricky trick.

How to Do the Through the Tunnel Yo-Yo Trick:

Step 1: Start with your yo-yo hand in a position as if you were going to perform a Throw Down. Instead, throw the yo-yo down and swing it backward, easing into an Around the World backward.

As the yo-yo comes in front, swing it between your legs.

Step 2: As the yo-yo comes around in front of you, spread your legs approximately two feet apart, and let the yo-yo swing through your legs. Gently land it on the ground behind you.

Step 3: Walk the yo-yo along the floor and back to your hand.

When you perform the Rattlesnake Yo-Yo Trick, your yo-yo will look and sound like a rattler. Read about this yo-yo trick on the next page.

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