10 Jaw-dropping Hollywood Scandals


Woody Allen Marries Soon-Yi Previn

Many cinephiles know Woody Allen as the epitome of the self-deprecating neurotic, a role he has played many times in his award-winning films. However, Allen's real life erupted into controversy that would put any movie script to shame when it was discovered that Allen was having an affair with his then-girlfriend's adopted daughter -- who was 35 years his junior.

Allen, whose talent for writing cutting, intelligent one-liners catapulted him to fame as a writer director and actor, was romantically linked to actress Mia Farrow in the early 1980s. Farrow had a number of adopted children, among them a young daughter named Soon-Yi Previn [source: Biography Channel].

In 1991, Farrow discovered nude photos of the then-21-year-old Previn in Allen's home [source: CNN]. Predictably, scandal erupted. However, unlike many more conventional Hollywood partnerships, the relationship has been remarkably successful. Allen and Previn married in 1997 at age 62 and 27, respectively; as of 2012, the couple is still together.