5 of Baseball's Most Dramatic Upsets

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Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Who Pays if You Get Smacked by a Foul Ball?

Foul balls rocket into the stands, hitting fans on the way. Are MLB teams liable for injuries they might cause to fans? HowStuffWorks investigates.

Author's Note: 5 of Baseball's Most Dramatic Upsets

Although I grew up in a part of the country that doesn't have its own Major League Baseball team, I've always been a big baseball fan. I always tend to root for the underdog, so this topic was a fun one for me. Of the five upsets listed here, the Netherlands victory over the Dominican Republic strikes me as the most surprising, and it goes to show that any team, no matter who they are and how well known they are, can beat any other.

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