10 Totally Unappreciated 'Star Wars' Droids

GNK Power Droid
GNK droids are SO unappreciated that they’re relegated to issuing Fastpasses in Disneyland. Photo by HowStuffWorks

They looked a lot like trash cans with legs, but visually, the GNK power droids were about as iconic as background robots could be. Still, no one seemed to care much that these models served one of the most important functions — providing power anywhere it was needed.

The nickname probably didn't help matters much. Many people referred to the GNKs as "Gonks" in acknowledgement of the model name as well as the less-than-sophisticated vocal sounds they made.

Although these droids may have ultimately been pretty forgettable, the job they performed was not. They stored massive amounts of power inside a relatively compact form factor. That power was vital for a wide array of military and civilian uses.