10 Totally Unappreciated 'Star Wars' Droids

Leading up to the opening of "The Force Awakens," General Mills cereals had a promotion featuring a plastic B-U4D (among other droids) that contained an image of the hard-working mechanic. This is far more attention than he got on screen. Image by HowStuffWorks

Starfighters of the Resistance are helpless without the fuel that helps them zig and zag around combat elements of the First Order. Someone has to keep the crews ready to fight and each and every moment. That job falls largely to refueling droids like B-U4D, nicknamed Buford.

As part of ground crew operations at the Resistance base on D'Qar, Buford works tirelessly (like most droids) and manages fuel supplies without complaint. In "The Force Awakens," Buford roams the background of a few scenes, doing his part to keep the army working against the evil Empire.

Droids like Buford are a perfect example of the depth and dimension of the "Star Wars" universe. Even droids that find only a few frames of movie time — often far in the background — have backstory and personality that drives them onward. Whether they use their potential for good or for evil, the Force is a part of them all ... even the most unappreciated droids in the galaxy.

Author's Note: 10 Totally Unappreciated Star Wars Droids

If you were a kid (like me) when the first "Star Wars" movies debuted, it was hard not to fall in love with R2-D2. Whether it was in the midst of a Dagobah swamp or a Starfighter battle, R2 was an immediate signal of each scene's emotional tone, whether it was silly, serene or scary. No matter that he wasn't made of flesh and bone. R2 was proof that a movie character's impact didn't necessarily depend on facial expressions or dialogue. Sometimes just a bit of good storytelling and a few beeps and boops from a funny little droid is all you need to turn a sidekick robot into a global celebrity.

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