10 Terrifying Moments on Unscripted TV


Hoarding Pit Bulls

Many people featured on "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" have dozens or even hundreds of animals. Filth, disease and malnutrition are all common occurrences in their homes. So, you might assume the story of a man with 19 dogs would be sad but not so scary. You'd be wrong.

Shane, a single dad with full-time custody of his daughter, has 19 pit bulls, most of whom are so aggressive they have to be chained and separated from one another 24 hours a day. Shane believes he's on a mission from God to save ailing members of the breed -- even though their violent behavior poses a significant threat to his daughter, himself and the other members of his family. His dogs have killed other pets, and they fight one another frequently. Shane seems to prioritize the pit bulls over his family, and he spends the majority of his limited funds on dog food. It's a scary situation, made even more frightening by his disregard for the health of all parties involved, including the dogs.