10 Terrifying Moments on Unscripted TV

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Many of us enjoy a good thrill. Maybe you try to catch a scary movie once in a while, or you make a point to ride the most imposing roller coaster at your local theme park at least once a year. What you probably don't do for a fright is watch reality TV.

Given the questionable talent of cast members, never-ending competitions and public airing of dirty laundry, the most frightening thing about reality TV might be how often it's on. But, believe it or not, there are actual scares to be found in reality programming -- even on the shows you'd least expect.

To prove it, we're going to reveal 10 of the most frightening moments of reality television ever shown. We'll detail one terrifying season opener of a decades-old reality hit, and we'll make you scream "Crikey!" by examining a beloved reality star's close brush with danger. Whether it's a particular episode or even an entire story line that's shocked us, we're chronicling it here.