10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die


PNC Park

The Pittsburgh Pirates may not command the same respect as the six-time world champion Steelers, or even the Pittsburgh Penguins, but PNC Park, where the Pirates play, gets plenty of respect in the baseball world.

Set along the Allegheny River with great views of downtown Pittsburgh, PNC Park is intimate. The highest seat in the park is just 88 feet above the field, and stadium snacks include sandwiches from the famous Primanti Brothers, which stacks French fries in with the sandwich meat. On game days, fans in boats line the riverbanks, tailgating and hoping to catch a stray ball. Like Camden Yards, PNC Park has a throwback design, and pays homage to both the city of Pittsburgh and the Pirates. The outfield wall is 21 feet high, because Pirate great Roberto Clemente wore number 21. The park also overlooks Clemente Bridge, which is painted -- what else? -- Pirate yellow (though the fact that yellow is also one of the Steelers' colors may have something to do with it). The Pirates may best be known for being also-rans in a town of winning sports teams, but their park is one place that's tough to beat.