10 Must-see Fields to Visit Before You Die

Fenway Park

It's small. It's dirty. It's old. But enough about your mother -- the same things can be said about Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Known for its brash fans who pack in for every game, Fenway is the oldest park still being used by Major League baseball. America's favorite pastime has been played at Fenway since 1912, and Bostonians have been complaining about the Sox for about as long. Still, Fenway is a cathedral of baseball, and going to a game here is actually about the game itself, since you won't find WiFi hotspots, shopping or playgrounds here.

What you will find is the historic Green Mon-stah outfield wall, and a lone red seat in the right field bleachers, which commemorates the spot where Ted Williams hit a home run ball wicked hahd, making it the longest measurable home run ever hit inside of Fenway. Speaking of Williams, he's a god in Beantown and Fenway is the main altar where he's worshiped, so leave any animosity toward him (and any cryogenics jokes) at home, unless you want some Sox fans to hit you -- you guessed it -- wicked hahd.

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