10 Horrific Deaths That Happened While Filming a Movie

Tyrone Power
Actor Tyrone Power in London on Aug. 14, 1958, three months before his death. Victor Blackman/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Tyrone Power was born and bred an actor. His grandfather was a well-known Irish comedian; his father, a respected performer of both stage and screen. The younger Power followed in the old man's footsteps — tragically, you might say. He traveled with his dad to Hollywood, and was at his side when Tyrone Power Sr. died from a heart attack he suffered after a day's filming.

A versatile talent, Power racked up a passel of screen successes [source: Biography.com]. His roles ranged from the infamous outlaw in "Jesse James" to the troubled hero in a 1957 adaptation of Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises," and to the calculating accused murderer in Agatha Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution." Power wanted to build a reputation as a dramatic actor on these "serious" films. But the studio, eager to exploit his matinee-idol looks, cast him as a series of swashbuckling swordsman in titles like 1940's "The Mark of Zorro" and 1947's "Captain From Castile" [source: King].

Ironically, Power died almost literally with a sword in his hand. It was Nov. 11, 1958. After the eighth take of a fight scene in "Solomon and Sheba," he began to tremble, complaining of aches and chills. He quickly collapsed and died of a heart attack — just as his father had 27 years before [source: Vinciguerra].