10 British TV Shows That Crossed the Pond

'Being Human'
"Being Human" ran on BBC Three before moving to BBC America and being adapted by Syfy. BBC

You think you've had roommate issues? Imagine a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf sharing the same house. Who's going to cook dinner? The BBC Three series "Being Human" shows the struggles of being a little too supernatural. While the werewolf and vampire often try to blend in as ordinary mortals, the ghost must learn to deal with limited human interaction. Amazingly, this premise is presented as a comedy-drama, blending humor, warmth and danger. The show made a long-term impact in the U.S., running on BBC America for five seasons until 2013. Syfy TV adapted "Being Human," setting the show in Boston.

The paranormal trio faced more than its share of challenges, including prejudice, a trip to purgatory and a visit from the devil. The three also had to deal with their true natures. Why does someone become a ghost? Can a vampire keep from eating humans? What happens when a werewolf accidently turns on his girlfriend? (Spoiler alert: It's a real dating faux paw.)