10 British TV Shows That Crossed the Pond

Actor Tom Baker, as the Doctor from the BBC science fiction TV series "Doctor Who," poses with the Doctor's arch enemies, the Daleks, in 1975. Michael Putland/Getty Images

What do "Trading Spaces," "American Idol" and "All in the Family" have in common? Probably not a lot, but they are all based on British shows: "Changing Rooms," "Pop Idol" and "Till Death Us Do Part." Many U.S. production companies have adapted original ideas from across the Atlantic, giving them an American twist, a new name and a new audience.

But Americans don't always need a Yankee Doodle spin on TV series. Plenty of British imports do well once they cross the pond, thank you very much. They often show up on BBC America or PBS in their beautifully unadulterated British forms. Pour yourself a cup of tea, and read on to discover some U.K. shows that Americans have embraced in their original form. One lump or two?