Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Hold your hand palm side up and stand the yo-yo on its edge.

Reverse Sleeper Yo-Yo Trick

The reverse Sleeper yo-yo trick appears to be identical to throwing a regular Sleeper. The difference is that in this trick the yo-yo will spin backward when thrown down.

Step 1: Extend your hand out in front of you. Stand the yo-yo on its edge in your yo-yo hand, palm up, as you would when throwing a regular Sleeper.

Now place the yo-yo between your thumb and middle finger, in line with your shoulder. Unlike the Sleeper, the string should flow out of the back and the bottom of the yo-yo.

Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Flick the yo-yo to the ground with a strong overhand motion.

Step 2: With a flick of the wrist, whip the yo-yo to the ground in a firm, overhand motion. Make sure to throw the yo-yo straight down, otherwise it may spin out on its side. Watch the yo-yo spin backward when thrown down.

Step 3: Give the string a jerk and the yo-yo should quickly return to your hand.

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