Claude Monet Giverny Paintings

Claude Monet's Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny is an oil on canvas (25-5/8x31-7/8 inches) housed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny by Claude Monet

Claude Monet painted Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny in 1885. The region around Giverny had rolling hills to the north and cultivated fields of poppies and wheat to the south. Monet roamed these fields during the first years he lived in the village.

Although Monet began to plant in his garden shortly after he moved in, he had no interest in painting it at such an early stage in its development. He turned instead to the nearby poppy fields, which offered a lush display of natural color to paint.

Claude Monet also enjoyed painting the daughters of companion Alice Hoschedé amidst the Giverny wildflowers. See Woman with an Umbrella turned towards the right in the next section.

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