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How 'Tremors' Graboids Work

Author's Note

Senior Staff Writer Robert Lamb
HowStuffWorks 2009

"Tremors" is one of those rare monster movies that delivers on all counts. You get thrills, laughs, memorable performances and -- most important of all -- an original, well-executed monster.

When I first set out to write about the movie's graboid sandworms, I actually intended to limit them to a single page in a list of subterranean movie monsters. But the more I reacquainted myself with the creature and boned up on its life cycle, the more I realized they really deserved their own article.


So there you have it. Graboids. As with my other movie monster articles on gremlins and xenomorphs, the real-world science examples should remind you that no matter how inventive we get with our imagined creatures, nature generally has us beat for all-out weirdness.

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