Top 10 Golf Swing Tips


Sand Trap

Down in a sand trap at the Masters
Down in a sand trap at the Masters
David Cannon/Getty Images

The sand trap is yet another fairway menace. Fickle and changeable, a soft, deep trap on your favorite course one week could morph into a shallow, wet creature after a day of high winds and rain. The lessons you learned maneuvering out of the rough will serve as a starting place for getting out of a sand trap. The stance, wider than normal, and the grip, firmer than usual, are the same. Your choice of club will also be similar; you'll want a club that will give you sufficient loft to clear the edge of the bunker.

If you are in a deep, soft, angled sand trap, feel free to bury your feet in the sand for balance and make sure the ball is at the head of your stance. Whack the sand under the ball, rather than trying to hit the ball itself. This will send a plume of sand -- and if you're lucky, the ball as well -- up into the air and over the bunker's edge.

On the other hand, if the trap is filled with a shallow layer of wet sand, there is no need to dig up so much sand to get the ball out. Strike into the sand a couple inches before the ball as you would on a soft bunker, but instead of scooping up sand, try to hit the ball square on, more like a normal shot.