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UNO Attack

Once you've mastered the intricacies of the original UNO game, take a look at Mattel's UNO Attack. This version features an electronic card shooter that shoots out a random number of cards whenever a player has to draw. At the press of a button, it shoots out up to 10 cards at the players. The electric card shooter adds an element of surprise to a game that's already fast-paced and challenging.

UNO Attack rules resemble the original game's, but with a few different command cards. Instead of a Wild Draw Four card, there's a card called "Wild Hit Fire." When it's played, the next player has to hit the launch button. Since there's no draw pile, a player must hit the launch button whenever he or she must draw. As a result, you'll never know when a stream of cards will come flying your way.

As in the original version, players must say "Uno!" as soon as they play their next-to-last card. If the player forgets to do so and another player notices, the poor forgetful soul must press the button -- and possibly add up to 10 cards to his or her hand.

Uno Attack uses 112 cards, including the colored number cards, the aforementioned Reverse, Skip, Wild and Draw Two cards, plus the new "Wild Hit Fire" card. 

The electronic card shooter gives this popular game a great new twist. As the game's tagline says, it's a random, rapid-fire card shoot-out!

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