20 Words You Should Learn if You Play Scrabble



In that same record-setting 2006 game mentioned on the previous page, which took place in a church basement, winner Michael Cresta stunned Scrabble fans with the permitted word "quixotry." It means a visionary scheme, action or thought and is derived from the fictional character Don Quixote, whose visions led him to joust with windmills.

Cresta, a carpenter by trade, stretched the word between two triple word squares. With a double letter square under the "x," he initially scored 35. Two triples multiplies that by nine for 315. Add 50 for the bingo, and Cresta ended with a score of 365, a North American record for a single word. The two men went on to set two more records: Cresta's final score of 830 was the most points in a game by one player. Combined with Yorra's 490, the players set a record for most total points at 1,320.