Guess This in Six Tries: The Wordle Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Guess This in Six Tries: The Wordle Quiz
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About This Quiz

Wild for Wordle? You're not the only one. How much do you know about the latest game craze?
How many times per day can a person play Wordle?
To the chagrin of many, there is only one Wordle per day, and everyone in the world gets the same one. You could go to another device to play again, but the Wordle would be the same.
as many times as you want
How many letters are in a Wordle?
Every answer is a five-letter word, and the player has six tries to get it right.
Let's say you put in a word guess. What does it mean if the letter tile turns yellow?
That letter is somewhere in the puzzle, but not in that spot.
Yellow means the letter is somewhere in the puzzle but not in the spot you chose for it. If the tile turns green, you've found its correct spot. If it stays gray, that letter is nowhere in the word, so keep on moving.
That letter is nowhere in the puzzle.
That letter is in the correct spot.


According to the experts, which of these words would be the best choice for your first guess?
You want to use a word with at least three vowels to increase your chances of hitting some correct letters from the get-go. Mathematically, one expert said the best word for getting a fast solution is "roate," whatever that means. Others like "raise" or "adieu" (four vowels!)
Why was Wordle created?
to compete with Words With Friends
as a gift for the programmer's partner
The game's creator, British software engineer Josh Wardle (get it???), designed the game to make his partner happy. Awwww!
because the developer heard that the Queen likes word games
What's the time limit on Wordle?
one minute
three minutes
There is no time limit.
The Wardle says you can play the game in three minutes but there isn't any time limit in the game itself.


What does a player have to do to play the game?
Provide personal data.
Watch advertisements.
The game's creator has pledged that his game will never feature advertisements or try to get the player's information. In fact, he doesn't charge for it at all and doesn't plan to make money off of it.
What are the odds of getting the word right on the very first try?
one in a million
one in a 50,247
one in 12,972
Although pretty low, the odds of guessing the correct word right away are still way better than winning the lottery.
Why did Wordle become so popular all of a sudden?
One of the Kardashians tweeted about it.
A "share" function was added.
The addition of the share function in December 2021 was all it took to launch Wordle into the collective consciousness. The ubiquitous graphics posted all over social media all of a sudden made everyone else either hate it or want to try it.
It was featured in the New York Times.


Where can you find Wordle?
Wardle's Wordle is only available online, at The versions you might see in an app store are just copycats.
only in the app store
both places
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