How IMAX Works

IMAX Innovations

Since its debut, IMAX has been pushing the envelope to create the most realistic, immersive film experience possible. Several of the innovations introduced in select IMAX theaters include:

  • Dome technology - allows the image to wrap completely around your peripheral vision
  • 3-D technology - IMAX uses both polarized glasses and LCD shutter technology to display very intense 3-D films.
  • 48 frames per second - This is double the standard frame rate and greatly increases visual detail.
  • Advanced sound systems - IMAX theaters use a 6-channel sound system, and in some theaters you also wear a headset that provides two extra sound channels for each viewer.
  • Digital Remastering - IMAX DMR converts a 35mm frame into digital form at a high resolution, extracting the important image elements to create a crystal clear form of the original photography.

By combining all of these advanced features, IMAX theaters create the most realistic and intense movie experience around.