How to Play a Guitar Lick in 3 Easy Steps

Guitar and the Art of Rhythmic Displacement

This video introduces an intricate guitar lick and explains the method behind the melodic madness of the sizzling, fast-paced solo. The tutorial demystifies the solo's fascinating, complex sound through a demonstration of rhythmic displacement. In rhythmic displacement, a guitarist disrupts the typical scale by changing the progression of notes. F­or example, in this video the instructor omits the third note every third time he plays the note progression. The use of rhythmic displacem­ent creates complexity within a progression of notes or chords, much like adding a major third note to a blues scale. As you follow along with the instructor, you'll be able to see this technique applied to the first and second part of the lick.

Knowing the placement of these notes is invaluable, but you'll need a few more tips to wail like a pro. Check out the next video to learn how finger techniques can improve your speed and clarify your sound.