How Becoming a Roadie Works

Tips for Becoming a Roadie

Roadies may help with a concert's technical aspects such as running the lights.
Roadies may help with a concert's technical aspects such as running the lights.
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Once you've decided you'd like to become a roadie, you've got to find a way to enter the show biz world. Becoming a roadie, and finding work as a roadie really isn't hard if you know how to proceed, and you have the skills touring shows are seeking.

As with many jobs, a great place to start looking is the Internet. Sites such as feature dozens of job listings, categorized by position and skills. It also features a chat room, where current and aspiring roadies can trade information and tips.

You can also search out specific shows and acts -- if your heart is set on working for a particular band, for example -- to see if they're planning an upcoming tour. Some also advertise for roadie positions on their sites.

If you find an interesting opening, however, you're going to need something in your background to prove you can do the job. Sometimes, it's wise to volunteer to help on shows -- sort of like an unpaid intern -- to build your experience level and resume. At the very least, you might look around your hometown for opportunities to roadie for a group. Running sound for a local church choir or helping design the set for the local theater arts group might not be as exciting as tuning guitars for Ozzy Osborne, but it will help you build experience in supporting live performances.

A more straightforward approach to becoming a roadie could involve formal training. Many schools around the country provide training and certificates for live sound technicians, for example. Also, earning an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in a performing arts field such as theater, music, stage craft, radio/television, et cetera -- will show you are dedicated and serious, as well as provide you the technical training you'll need to help a touring act.

Roadies do more than set up stages and move equipment. What are some of other duties of a roadie? Read on to find out.