10 Totally Rad '80s Toys… And Where They Are Now

Pound Puppies
Sad-eyed plush dogs sold millions in the '80s, and inspired cartoon series and other pop-culture ephemera. Courtesy Funrise

Pound Puppies pulled on kids' heartstrings, with their big, sad puppy eyes begging you to take them home. Picking up a Pound Puppy or two was the perfect way to feel like you were helping stray animals -- without all the mess and work involved in actually adopting a real dog, of course. The toys even came in boxes designed to look like the carrier boxes provided to adopters by local pounds. Tonka introduced the dogs in 1984, the company sold more than 47 million of the non-breed specific pups by early 1988 [source: The New York Times]. In addition to the standard line of puppies, '80s kids could choose from oversized "Super" puppies, smaller "Newborn" puppies and a feline version, known as "Pound Purries" (of course).

Where They Are Now: Over the years Pound Puppies have been featured in cartoons and feature films, and though they've gone in and out of production (as well as the public consciousness), are currently available again in two sizes.