10 Totally Rad '80s Toys… And Where They Are Now

Teddy Ruxpin
The Teddy Ruxpin toy spoke and appeared to interact with children thanks to cassette tapes and animatronic motors. Josh Isaacson

Developed by a Disney animation engineer, the loveable Teddy Ruxpin not only talked, but also blinked and turned his head -- way cool technology for the mid-'80s. Teddy came with a series of cassettes, which you could pop into a player in his back in order to interact with the toy. Introduced in 1985, more than a million of these talking teddies flew off shelves by early 1986, which meant that many '80s kids either knew someone with the toy or had one themselves [source: Time]. If you had one of the first line of Teddy Ruxpin toys, you may also remember Teddy's pal Grubby. By stringing a cable between the two creatures, you could get them to interact with one another, swapping turns as they told a story. Grubby could also be seen in the classic Teddy Ruxpin TV series, which ran from 1987 to 1988. Sorry, younger kids -- after the first generation of toys sold out, later versions were no longer compatible with Grubby, and he was largely forgotten.

Where It Is Now: Teddy Ruxpin is one of the few toys on this list no longer a part of the current popular culture. No company produces the bear, and its creator Ken Forsse died in early 2014. A small online community of Ruxpinthusiasts exists, swapping repair tips on message boards.