10 Totally Rad '80s Toys… And Where They Are Now

My Little Pony
The contemporary line of My Little Pony updates the classic toy with more exaggerated features. Courtesy Funrise

My Little Ponies took a cue from the Care Bears, using decorative symbols on their haunches to describe their name and personality. (If only such a visible clue were available in humans.) The very first line of ponies came with simple matching combs so you could keep their luxurious synthetic manes and tails free of tangles. Later versions included winged and unicorn varieties, as well as the ever-popular first-tooth baby ponies, who sported a single chomper smack on the front of their muzzles. True Pony fans not only owned the ponies themselves, but also a variety of accessories, such as the impressive Pony Paradise Estate -- complete with hot tub -- and the Sweet Shoppe, which for some inexplicable reason, was molded to look like a giant shoe.

Where They Are Now: Few pop culture phenomena have received as much attention as the subculture of the Brony – "bros" who love Ponies, specifically centered around the 2010's television show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."