10 Tips for Hosting a Fantasy Football Draft


Pay Attention to Your Own Team

As league organizer or commissioner, you'll have plenty to do on draft day. Don't let your duties interfere with your own draft strategy. You're there to do as well as you can in the draft and to build as strong a team as possible.

Every draft host should pay attention to the basics of fantasy football. Study player rankings and determine where you hope to score points. Prepare a strategy in advance.

During the draft, stay focused. The situation is always changing as players are taken and other teams accumulate rosters. You'll need to adjust your picks and priorities.

Other basics to keep in mind:

  • Focus on running backs early. Running backs are going to be your key point scorers. Even quarterbacks are a lower priority in fantasy football.
  • Research and target your sleepers. A lesser-known player who's primed to have a breakout year can be an asset that will take you to the championship of your fantasy league.
  • Select backups for key positions. The NFL is a rough place. Don't let one player's injury or slump cut the heart out of your team.
  • Keep an eye on bye weeks. You need to avoid a situation where one or more of your key players is not playing because his NFL team has a bye.

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