10 Surprisingly Canceled TV Shows

'Sports Night'
Many cast members, including Josh Charles, Peter Krause, Josh Malina and Felicity Huffman, went on to star in successful shows after the untimely demise of Aaron Sorkin's debut TV series. ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Walk and talk, fast. Really fast. "Sports Night" was Aaron Sorkin's first TV series, and it featured what came to be known as his trademark character interactions. ABC aired the ESPN SportsCenter-like comedy from 1998 to 2000. Though praised by critics, it received lackluster ratings. Sorkin clashed with ABC, arguing about focus groups, ad campaigns and ratings. Ironically, while Sorkin was fighting in real life, his characters were also battling their network. Meanwhile, "The West Wing" was under development, and Sorkin's time was drawn away from "Sports Night."

The show was canceled despite the overwhelming talent within. Many cast members went on to star in very successful shows: Josh Charles ("The Good Wife"), Peter Krause ("Six Feet Under," "Parenthood"), Josh Malina ("Scandal") and Felicity Huffman ("Desperate Housewives"). Their walks may have slowed down, but their careers didn't.