10 Surprisingly Canceled TV Shows

'My So-Called Life' was a great show with an amazing ensemble cast, but when lead actress Claire Danes left the show just couldn't go on without her. ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

You'd think the equation would be simple: bad ratings equals canceled show. Hey, they had their shot, and they blew it. But did they really? Some shows never have much of a chance because networks move them from timeslot to timeslot, making it hard for fans to keep track of them. The viewers are there for the taking.

Other shows are cut because the base audience is outside the advertisers' sweet spot. Many companies want to put commercials where adults with expendable income will see them. A&E's "Longmire" was popular, but lacked a young enough audience. Other well-rated shows are just expensive to produce, with large casts and location shots. Occasionally, an irreplaceable lead actor will want to leave — like Claire Danes from "My So-Called Life" — and there's no way to continue. Still, with all these reasons, some cancelations are questionable. Read on to see if you agree with these network decisions. There's bound to be something here that will tick you off.