10 Famous People Buried in Unmarked Graves

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A close-up of Wolfgang Mozart's tombstone; no one is sure whether he is really underneath as he was originally buried in an unmarked grave. © Pascal Deloche /Godong/Corbis

He only lived a scant 35 years, but the famed composer continues to fascinate in death more than 250 years later. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose demise in 1791 was probably caused by rheumatic fever, was buried in an unmarked grave alongside a passel of other people in St. Marx Cemetery near Vienna. Despite his relative fame as a composer and performer, only the upper echelon of society was buried in marked graves at the time [source: Biography].

In the 1850s, a monument was built over the spot where Mozart was thought to have been buried. The monument was later moved to a space for honored musicians in another cemetery. Today, visitors can go to St. Marx and see another memorial at the alleged spot, consisting of an angel statue gazing at a broken column with Mozart's name engraved on it [source: Vienna City Administration].