Should you play in sports leagues with coworkers?

How to Organize a Sports Team with Your Co-workers

By far, the simplest way to get a team together at your workplace is to spread the word. If you have the official sponsorship or support of your company, you can do this by posting notices on break-room bulletin boards or sending out e-mails. Make your contact information available and collect the phone numbers and e-mails of interested employees. If your team won't be a company team, it's best to approach co-workers informally.

Depending on what sport you'll be playing, you may have more sign-ups than you need. In an instance like this, you can go a couple of ways: Maintain one team and rotate the players, or create an intracompany league with multiple teams. Avoid holding tryouts, as you can cause resentment in co-workers who don't make the cut.

Once you've collected participants, you'll need to get organized. You may want to establish playing positions, practice times and a rules overview. If you're in need of gear, ask team members to donate fees or equipment. If your team is corporate-sponsored, your company may supply things like clubs, balls, rackets and even uniforms. It never hurts to ask.

You'll also need to find competitors. To locate a league or other company teams, visit an adult sports league site like You can also build interest by posting announcements on community bulletin boards or Web sites.

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