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A Week in the NFL: Patrick Kerney Speaks

Thursday and Friday


Thursday's pretty much the same schedule as Wednesday. No lifting, though.


Friday is noteworthy for the morning weigh-ins, which come with a hefty fine for overweight offenders.


Friday I eat at the same time. We have lifting after the meetings again, which is just upper body because we're only two days out from the game. And then our practice is a no-pads practice, usually lasts a little over an hour. Then we go and meet. The massage people are there to grind out any problems you have. I think when I say massage it could be misinterpreted -- these aren't necessarily the fun type. There's plenty of times where something is knotted up and you just need to put a towel in your mouth and grin and bear it while they're breaking stuff up. They've got pretty strong paws on them.

Friday is weigh-ins, too -- that's first thing before meetings. If you're over weight it's $360.00 per pound per day.

Do some guys just take the fine each week?

No, not on our team.

Do you hang out with your teammates at all during the week?

At night most of us go home, a lot of us have got families and stuff, you know they tend to that and most guys go home and get their rest and tend to the families. But that's what's unique about this year's team -- it's as good a team chemistry and camaraderie as I've had since I've been here.

So you don't all go out and drink together?

I don't drink in season. If guys can do that and still perform, I'm not opposed to it. I just make sure -- I know that I can't do it and still perform the way I want to.

Friday afternoon, that's the massage and then on my way home. Sometimes if something's ailing me I'll do acupuncture and that's a different stop on my way home. Just to loosen up, you know. There [are] a lot of muscles that are hard to stretch -- acupuncture hits those and releases them and makes you feel a lot better.

And then I'll also sometimes fly on Friday afternoons and just go [up] with my instructor locally, and that's a very relaxing time for me. People always talk about the Atlanta highways as, you know, just dealing with people cutting you off and racing by you and you're worried about speed radars. Well, you get up in the sky and there's no lanes, there's nobody -- there's nobody within a couple miles of you. It's nice and relaxing.

I usually get home from that around 6:00, and then it's dinner time. Watch dinner, sometimes go out to a movie, and then time for another plate of pasta, and bedtime by 11:00 that night because we get a half hour more of sleep on Saturday morning.