A Week in the NFL: Patrick Kerney Speaks


Tuesday is the day for Kerney to see to his personal and business affairs. It's his only full day off.

Tuesday's the off day, again taking care of business, e-mail, taking ticket orders for that weekend -- this weekend we're off to New York. That's where all my friends from high school live and all my family's up there so I have to organize hopefully 50 tickets.

So I'll take care of that. I have my pilot's license so I usually like to go flying with my instructor. I'll work on my instrument rating on Tuesday mornings, which is actually pretty relaxing for me, then I'll come back in the afternoons, eat lunch, get a quick work out in, I usually just do a quick workout and a lot of stretching on Tuesday.

What's your abs workout like?

It's my own little 8-minute abs; it's enough to make a pretty good sweat... It's a couple hundred reps right in a row of six or seven exercises, yeah so it works upper, lower, and sides.

Tuesday night it's quality time with the girlfriend, you know she doesn't get to see me a whole lot in the season. It's like date night, but you know also in the afternoons I put in a community appearance. Like today I talked to the Hall County Boys and Girls Club, Project For America, and the Falcons tour so that's also a Tuesday thing and then I eat dinner.

Is an off-day dinner lighter?

On Sunday you eat pretty light before a game and maybe another snack, so you're really only getting two and a half meals and you're exerting yourself so much -- you're losing so much weight that Mondays and Tuesdays are your days to eat yourself back up to a respectable weight.

You lose weight during a game?

I'm kind of afraid of the scale, but I'm guessing that day it would be anywhere from 5 to 6 pounds lighter than what I weigh in on Friday.