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Madonna's 25 Most Popular Songs


24. "American Life" (2003)

The first single off her highly criticized album of the same name, "American Life" lambasted the materialistic culture of America and the lack of satisfaction in the face of so much abundance. But Americans weren't ready for a political statement from the woman who used to sing about the joys of sex. This single reached the top ten (and often number-one spot) in much of Europe, as well as Canada and Japan, but only made it to number 37 on U.S. charts.

25. "Hung Up" (2006)

The first single off her album Confessions on a Dance Floor, "Hung Up" included an infectious sample from superstar dance group ABBA. A disco-fied Madonna emerged in this dance hit, signaling the return of the megastar after lukewarm album sales for American Life. "Hung Up" topped the charts in an unprecedented 41 countries, but peaked at number seven in the States.



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