Madonna's 25 Most Popular Songs


14. "Vogue" (1990)

There have been a few megahit dance crazes in American pop music history: The Twist, The Macarena, and Vogue to name a few. This song, from the Dick Tracy: I'm Breathless soundtrack, featured instructions on "vogue" dancing, an expressive style of dance popular in the underground gay clubs of New York City. Leave it to Madonna to make it a number-one song.

15. "Justify My Love" (1990)

Madge teamed up with songwriters Ingrid Chavez and Lenny Kravitz to pen this steamy song, which became Madonna's ninth number one in the States. The video was so racy, MTV banned it! As a result, the "Justify My Love" video was the first video single ever released and it immediately sold out in stores everywhere.