Madonna's 25 Most Popular Songs


4. "Material Girl" (1985)

This song, which earned Madonna the moniker "the Material Girl," painted the singer as a girl who would rather have a rich boyfriend than a love-struck one, although it was meant to parody the commercialism and greed of the 1980s. "Material Girl," the second single from Madonna's Like a Virgin album, reached number two on U.S. charts, with the video imitating Marilyn Monroe's famous musical number "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend."

5. "Crazy for You" (1985)

From the soundtrack of the film VisionQuest, "Crazy for You" was Madonna's second number-one song. Madonna makes a cameo in the movie, belting out this tune in a nightclub scene.


6. "Into the Groove" (1985)

Coinciding with her role in the film Desperately Seeking Susan, this popular tune was remixed for use in a 2003 Gap ad starring Madonna and rapper Missy Elliott.