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How Quiddler Works

Author's Note

As someone who likes words -- you know, speaking them, writing them, reading them -- I thought I had a pretty good shot at being a QUIDDLER® champ. Turns out that not liking strategy or keeping track of points proved to be just as important. But really, it's what makes the game fun. Your English professor uncle may be stymied by your eight-year-old niece, who's a lot better at knowing when to put down her three, two-letter-words than to try desperately to find the m in "quorum" through a lucky draw. So study those two- or three-letter words and show your uncle that it doesn't take a thesis on "The Sound and the Fury" to be a word champion.

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Quiddler FAQ

How do you play Quiddler?
The overall point of the game is to create words with two or more cards in your hand. So each hand, you'll attempt to put together as many words as you can — or as many point-heavy words as possible.
How do you win at Quiddler?
At the end of the eighth hand, the player with the most points wins.
What does Quiddler mean?
The game's website, on the other hand, defines a Quiddler as a person who "spends a great deal of time on very small details."
Can you play Quiddler online?
The Quiddler website has a free online game that you can access easily.
Can you use abbreviations in Quiddler?
As the game rules state, no proper nouns, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations or hyphenated words are allowed.