Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

Around the World Yo-Yo Trick

Around the World is an easy yo-yo trick to perform.
Around the World is an easy yo-yo trick to perform.

Once you've learned the Sleeper and the Forward Pass yo-yo tricks, you're ready to take a quick trip Around the World!

Step 1: Start by throwing a Forward Pass.

Step 2: Instead of jerking the yo-yo when it reaches the end of the string, swing it around over your yo-yo shoulder and behind your back in a full 360-degree arc. The yo-yo should remain at the end of the string throughout the whole trick, spinning as it goes around.

Step 3: When it gets back to the starting point in front of you, jerk the string and bring the yo-yo home.

Be safety conscious when you perform this trick. Be careful that you don't hit anything that lies in the path of your yo-yo. Be sure you have high ceilings if performing this trick indoors.

Also, make sure your string is not old and worn. An old string will easily break when performing this trick.

For the next yo-yo trick, you'll take a shorter trip just Around the Corner.

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