Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

The Sleeper Yo-Yo Trick

Hold the yo-yo palm up.
Hold the yo-yo palm up.

Now that you've learned the Throw Down and the Gravity Pull, you're ready to learn the most important yo-yo trick of all -- the Sleeper. This trick is basically a delayed version of the up-and-down Gravity Pull.

More than 90 percent of all yo-yo tricks incorporate the Sleeper in some form. From here, the amount of tricks you can learn is endless!

Step 1: The initial motion is precisely the same as what is used in the Throw Down. Hold your yo-yo hand out in front of you with the palm facing up. Remember, the string should come off toward the top and front of the yo-yo.

Whip the yo-yo sharply toward the ground Whip the yo-yo sharply toward the ground
Whip the yo-yo sharply toward the ground

Step 2: With a whipping motion, similar to that used when throwing a fastball, grab the yo-yo and flick it sharply toward the ground. It should stay down -- spinning -- at the end of the string.

Step 3: While the yo-yo is spinning, turn your yo-yo hand over, palm facing down. If the string tension is correct, the yo-yo should spin at the end of the string for a few seconds. Then give the string a jerk and the yo-yo should quickly return to your hand.

The following trick may require a little practice. Learn how to throw a perfect Forward Pass in the next section.

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